Yellowstone National Park – magical nature

Yellowstone was declared a national park in 1872 and was the first of its kind in the world. The vast area of Yellowstone (most of it is a volcano crater) still stands as a natural wonder. The park has high snow-capped mountains, clear lakes, roaring waterfalls, geysers, deep forests and plenty of wildlife to offer.

We stay in a simple campground in the park, where we meet not only super nice travellers (including a mega-sweet Swiss couple), but also cook veggie burgers on a campfire and go fishing with the wooden rods our boys made themselves. During the day we watch wild animals (even a Grizzly Bear), swim in the cool river and admire the hot springs and geysers in the area. The volcanic area is noticeable at every corner: everywhere it is steaming and bubbling from the earth and the sulfur-egg smell in the air spoils our appetite.

But is Yellowstone really as idyllic as we wish a National Park to be? The park is heavily promoted and its uniqueness attracts around three million visitors a year. A public transport network is non-existing; thousands of vehicles and motor homes drive the over 300 km park roads of Yellowstone. An airport on the edge brings more visitors. Does it make sense to protect a natural area and by doing so attract millions of visitors? We wish dearly that Yellowstone will copy other American National Parks and reduce or prohibit private traffic by offering convenient and reliable, public shuttle buses.

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  1. Dear Hudson clan, thanks for your advice. We have booked on a junior ranger 5 day program at Yellowstone as a way to get around the traffic stress! We loved your photos..they’re very inspiring. Do you have any other ideas for organised camping tours, (so we don’t have to bring camping gear from Australia) or camping reservations at other parks near in the Rocky Mountains? Many thanks Mike


  2. Dear Mike and family
    Happy you found a solution (and happy that you like our pictures). Junior Ranger programs are fantastic, our boys LOVED them. I don’t know about organized camping tours – I’m sorry. I know that most foreigners we met who traveled in a rented car, had bought a cheap tent and equipment in Walmart. And even though the American National Parks are amazing, we often found that we had more pleasure visiting the less know State Parks. Our best ever camping experience was at Escalante Lake in Utah (you find it somewhere on our blog too). An amazing camp ground, great people, wonderful lake for swimming, lovely other campers. Enjoy your trip! All the best, Nadine and family


    • Hi Nadine,
      this is a very late reply about our Yellowstone adventures!

      We had a stunning holiday. The Yellowstone Young Ranger program was stupendous. As parents we were asked to do the 5 day course with them and loved every moment.

      Our guide took us to some unbelievable spots. We had close encounters with a bear and her cub, 1,000′s of bison and many birds.

      After the course we went camping at Jenny Lake at the Grand Tetons and in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

      We will never forget our brilliant encounter with some of the most beautiful places on earth!!

      Thanks for your great advice.

      My husband has work in Washington DC in December. We are thinking about joining him then going to Mexico. Have you any travel ideas for Mexico or any other spots for adventure during this time of the year?

      Louise, Mike, Rory and Hamish


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