It’s time to walk a new path

New pathsI’ve been blogging for many years. And for many more years, I’ve been travelling. You, my dear readers, have been loyal to me all this time and encouraged me to keep going. You’ve provided me with strength and motivation. I am grateful for that.

It’s time to walk a new path.

Our children are growing up fast, we only travel during holiday times – at least when we talk about travelling to distant places – and new goals, new dreams and new tasks have become important to us. I have taken a new, just as exciting path.

Therefore, I will take a break as a travel blogger. I thank you sincerely for having walked alongside me for years and hope to stay in touch.


The best travel destination

I see a place that is so beautiful, it shines in pink and white. Those who visit will feel content and wrapped in unconditional love. Languages ​​don’t matter there, because we are understood without words. Answers to our questions are given. Peace and quiet reign, even if it’s stormy outside. No glossy holiday brochure advertises this place. The journey is short, possible at any time, environmentally friendly and free of charge. At each visit, the colors become more intense, the journey more exciting. All of our dreams become true and all life becomes clear. Oh, and don’t forget, this place also offers adventure, fun and meaningful encounters.


Such place doesn’t exist? Yes, it does.

Two weeks ago, I started the so far most exciting journey of my life. Travel destination: my inner self. I attended a seminar at the MAS as a translator, but soon got excited about what Bill Thomson, spiritual Minister from Scotland told and demonstrated to us. Bill saw my soul, and described it to me. He invited me to open a new door, to walk a new road. One that would bring me to the most beautiful destination in the world.

Since then, I practice as often as I can and go deeper and deeper into my inner self. The beauty that I have found so far has been more wonderful than anything I’ve experienced in my life. The tranquil has been more energizing and the peace more intense.

The journey to my self gives me a satisfaction that has topped anything experienced during my travels before. It gives me a sense of trust and strength that I have not yet felt this strongly. It provides me with courage that could move mountains and an all-encompassing love that makes the earth glow.

Why, I wonder , have I travelled sixty odd countries before I began the most meaningful travel of all?

And as soon as the question comes to my mind, it disappears. Because it is so. Because it is good the way it is. Because now the time is right. Because only the journeys to far away places could bring me closer to myself .

And it has only just begun. There is a whole universe to explore. Feelings and experiences are to be made of which excistance I have not known. It’s time to spread my wings further.

My thoughts wander back to one evening in Leh, about fifteen years ago. The words of the huge monk still linger in my memory, suddenly making a lot more sense…

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Wellness on the Rigi

What do you give to your mother-in-law who visits from England and loves to go home with a memory full of nice things? And what do you give to your mother who has been reducing her material goods for over a year?

Weggis nach Kaltbad

Yes, exactly, you take them up the Rigi and spoil them at the Mineralbath & Spa Rigi-Kaltbad. The idea to go there on the 24th, while other families decorate their Christmas trees or do some last shopping, was brilliant. We took the spectacular cable car from Weggis to Rigi Kaltbad. The weather was on our side, the strong south wind not only brought sunshine and warmth, but also a clear sky and panoramic views.

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People: Ha from Vietnam

We met Ha nearly 10 years ago in Vietnam. He was the right hand of the manageress of our hostel and was very fond of our boys. We stayed in touch ever since and are already looking forward to meeting again, somewhen, somewhere.

Ha, what makes you laugh?

When I see my son laugh.

How would you describe your country?

We may not be rich, but we are proud to be friendly and determined.

What present would you give to your mother to make her happy?

A hand made woolen craft.

What is your favourite movie and music?

The movie “The Sai Gon Special Task” and love songs.

How would you define friendship?

To share ideas and feelings with each other.

What makes you sad?

To be neglected.

What is your wish for the future?

Travelling all over the world.


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Growing up with traditions

I have never lived in a place before where old traditions take up such a big place in the lives of the local children.

Last year Lenny learned the traditional carnival dance “Nüssle” in his school. The pupils even received a certificate.

Each year, at our local school, they hold a “Chlefele” competition. The children shake two rectangular shaped pieces of wood in a skilled rhythm and make cool music.


Today, Lenny received an invitation from his scouts to go “Triichlä“. The Triichlä men and boys walk in a procession on the 6th January and ring their huge cow bells.

One custom that was added to the Nüsslen, Chläfele and Triichlä this year was the “Wichteln”, a tradition I didn’t know yet.

In the primary and secondary school the kids “wichteled” excitedly. Each child received the name of a class mate and gave presents to him or her during December without the receiver knowing who they came from. On the gift it simply read “from your Wichtel”. In past times, they used to wichtel without presents, but rather favours. You’d get to your car on a cold winter evening and the windscreen would have been cleared from ice for you. Or someone would have cooked you a dinner and left it in front of your door.

So, again: I don’t like Santa, but I truly love most of the other traditions.

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